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Citaglobal Genetec BESS is a joint-venture company between Citaglobal Berhad and Genetec Technology Berhad with focus on the following mission


Delivering Innovative & Quality Solutions
Creating Superior Value
Ensuring Sustainable Returns
Established International Footprint

We are a prominent global player in various industries with 25 years of experience serving global clientele across the globe.

Our group specializes in smart factory automation, i.e. the design and construction of assembly lines, particularly to produce electric vehicle mobility components and battery cells across automated electronics and consumer goods.

We are also involved in the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (“EPCC”) of major energy and utilities projects.

Citaglobal Genetec BESS is strategically positioned as a prominent player in technology-driven, renewable energy sector and empowering sustainable energy

“This battery energy storage system solves many of our existing challenges in the distribution of power, storage, scalability and portability. When combined, the scalability and portability of the battery energy storage system solution, with an RE source such as solar, it allows businesses and communities to get around challenges found within conventional electrification. It is a viable and cost-competitive product.”

Our Group Offerings

Presence in multiple industries



Civil Engineering & Construction



Electric Vehicle & Battery


Computer Peripherals

Consumer Goods


Specializing in technology & automation

Malaysia's Pioneer Battery Energy Storage System ("BESS")

A homegrown technology that combines the expertise, capabilities and know-how of Citaglobal Genetec BESS

MYBESS, we are experts in creating tailored solutions for utilities and large commercial projects. Our team of knowledgeable experts will collaborate with you to design a system that aligns precisely with your project objectives and maximizes your site's potential. Trust us to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations.

MYBESS is a reliable and safe energy storage solution that can help prevent power outages and eliminate the need for fossil fuel Peaker station. With each unit having a capacity of larger than 3 MWh, it can power an average of 3,300 households for an hour. Together, we can create a more sustainable future by utilizing innovative technologies like MYBESS.

Enhance the Grid

The advancement of renewable energy is hinged upon the implementation of extensive energy storage solutions. MYBESS, a robust battery system, serves as a means of energy storage and

assistance, playing a vital role in grid stabilization and outage prevention. By fortifying our sustainable energy infrastructure, we can establish a grid that is cleaner, safeguarding our communities and the natural environment.


MYBESS solutions enable energy from renewables, such as solar, wind or water, to be stored, released and distributed in the form of electricity.


Massive - Scalable - Intelligent

Now and future of renewable energy relies heavily on large-scale energy storage. MYBESS is an energy storage solution that can scale massively, providing support and stability to the grid and preventing power outages. Improving our sustainable energy infrastructure can create a cleaner grid that protects our

communities, townships, and the environment. Our monitoring system has intelligent built-in equipment allowing remote access to critical system information. It has high-level system parameters and individual cell health monitoring, easily accessible through our user-friendly web interface.