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Applications of BESS

As the world shifts from relying on conventional fossil fuel power plants to renewable energy sources to power its national grid, battery energy storage system (“BESS”) plays a vital role in making this energy transition a reality. BESS enables the creation of a robust, reliable and efficient electricity system by providing security of electricity supply, flexibility to handle fluctuations in supply and demand, and optimization in the use of capital and assets. Here are some of the few common applications of BESS in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution system. And the good news is, we are only scratching the surface.


  • Operating reserve

  • Peaking capacity

  • Black start

  • Renewables stabilizer

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  • Frequency regulation

  • Voltage support

  • Upgrade deferral


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  • Peak shaving

  • Load shifting

  • Upgrade deferral

  • Suitable for commercial and industrial

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